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Design Research

Research to Fuel the Creative Process (David Canaan) from “Design Research: Methods and Perspectives” (Brenda Laurel)

Creative people share 3 common traits:
1. The ability to make new associations from unrelated elements
No one ever “creates” anything; they recognize existing elements. Creating means seeing a relationship between new information and a previous experience and developing a fresh combination.
Creativity is available to everyone in an equal dose because everyone has a completely unique set of past experiences to draw from.

2. Willingness to pursue an idea they know they will ultimately reject
The goal of creativity is not to find the right answer, but to explore the range of possibilities. The broader the range of ideas that are explored, the more likely it is that one can discover breakthrough concepts.

3. Tolerance for ambiguity over time
A characteristic of creativity that can be frustrating to others is the need to let fragile ideas distill before finalizing them.
Getting completely away from a project before it is finished delivers improvements and inspiration for breakthrough ideas.



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