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The Experience Architect in: Ten Faces of innovation (Tom Kelley)

The “value added” for most any company, tiny or enormous, comes from the Quality of Experience provided. (Tom Peters)

Experience Architects – people who focus on creating remarkable customer experiences. They give a sense of just how far multi-sensory designs can take you. And the word “architect” here is used in the broadest sense of the term, since the experiences they create can be small or large, and made up of atoms or digital bits.
One essential role of the Experience Architect is to be the host who never forgets that giving something special to customers is both good business and good karma. Experience Architects view the world as a stage. They have a talent in finding experience in everything.

Wise Experience Architects know how to focus their energy. If you set out to make everything better about your product or service, you may end up with a gold-plated offering that few customers can afford, or with unfocused features few will fully appreciate. So start by asking what’s truly important to your customer. The answer may be something small, irrational, elusive, and completely surprising. But finding that answer is often crucial to your success. It’s often just one or two essential elements. We call them trigger points.
Search out a key trigger point or two at your company – and then make it noticeably better than the competition.
When it comes to the customer experience, sometimes you gain an edge with just one or two trigger points. Fixing a problem or designing a great experience around those trigger points can be very rewarding.

If you can turn water into a designed experience, you can do that with anything. Don’t tell me your company has a dull product or service. It’s only as dull as your imagination.

Just as you can’t fake authenticity, you can’t fake personality.

It may be less about what you own and more about what you’ve done: moving from material possessions to sharing experiences.

Make your user interested in collecting the experiences you have to offer to them.
In “the treasure of the sierra madre“, Humphrey Bogart confronts a gang of armed bandits and asks to see their badges. In the most memorable line of the movie, the bandit leader shouts back, “Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.” True, we don’t need them, but both physical and virtual badges can carry a lot of meaning, symbolic or otherwise.

An Experience Architect is the right person to remind your organization that the first step in becoming extraordinary is simply to stop being ordinary. To beat the competition, outperform the market, and exceed the norm, you have to create remarkable experiences for your customers, for your partners, for your employees. And if the Experience Architect can help you do that, then word will soon get out that there’s something special about your team.



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