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What is Social Media from “Social Media Marketing” (Dave Evans)

What is social media? Social media involves a natural, genuine conversation between people about something of mutual interest, a conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. It is about sharing and arriving at a collective point, often for the purpose of making a better or a more-informed choice. Because social media gains … Continue reading

Setting Up an E-marketing Presence from “Principles of Marketing” (Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong)

Setting Up an E-Marketing Presence Companies can conduct e-marketing in four ways: 1. Creating a web site 2. Placing ads online 3. Setting up or participating in Web Communities 4. Using e-mail 1. Creating a web site Web sites vary greatly in purpose and content. The most basic type is a Corporate Web Site. A … Continue reading

Advertising, Sales promotion, and Public Relation from “Principles of Marketing” (Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong)

Companies must do more than make good products – they must inform consumers about product benefits and carefully position products in consumers’ minds. To do this, they must skillfully use the mass-promotion tools of advertising, sales promotion, and public relations. ADVERTISING Advertising represents any paid form of nonspersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or … Continue reading

Crafting your copy from Web copy that sells (Maria Veloso)

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” (Zig Ziglar) CONSTRUCTING YOUR WEB COPY The purpose of web copy is to generate leads, customers, sales, and consequently profits for a website. (Web copy should not be confused with web content, which is simply … Continue reading