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“Media landscapes in the Age of the Creative Man” by Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

3 society logics: industrial logic, dream society logic and creative man’s logic

Who is Creative Man? Creative Man is, of course, both genders. Creative Man embraces both creative people and innovators. Creative Man is both the person full of brilliant, exciting ideas, who seldom, if ever, carries them out; and her counterpart who can take an idea – his or someone else’s – and put it into practice.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:
Esteem Needs
Safety needs
Physiological Needs

Alderfer describer three levels of needs: Existence, relatedness and (personal) growth. Alderfer’s hierarchy resembles Maslow’s; in factm each of Alderfer’s needs corresponds to two of Maslow’s.

Social and technical advances give fertile ground for creativity and innovation
The social and technological changes in our society foster innovation and creativity in the following ways:
– time and energy is liberated because machines take over more and more of the drudgery at home and at work
– our multicultural society provides more sources of inspiration than yesterday’s mono-cultural society.

Creative Man’s Logic will fulfill our need for growth
Creative Man’s logic has the following premises:
– creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly necessary in our society
– creative man enjoys creating or inventing something new
– we are getting better tools for creativity and innovation
– creative man doesn’t adapt himself, he adapts the environment
– creative man is an individualist, but not an egoist
– creative man wants to be actively involved

Alderfer points out: The satisfaction of only one need is insufficient to motivate people.
How would one link mass-produced products – the products of Industrial Logic – with Creative Man logic?
One possibility is prosumer products. the word “prosumer” is a contraction of “producer” and “consumer” and applies to the situations where the consumer is involved in the production of consumer goods in order to create unique personalized products. This requires a certain degree of flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Creativity is going past habitual thinking to conceive new ideas. Creativity often involves asking “what if…?, why not try…? or isn’t it possible that…?” and see at least a glimmering of an answer… Creativity occurs when you give your thoughts free rein or when you deliberately look at things from unusual viewpoints.

Innovation, on the other hand, is less about getting original ideas as it is about turning ideas into reality. Innovation is what it takes to go from the germ of an answer to a practical solution. Innovation is goal-oriented, whether it concerns the completion of an invention, the development of a new product, or the creation of a work of art.



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