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The Experience Architect in: Ten Faces of innovation (Tom Kelley)

The “value added” for most any company, tiny or enormous, comes from the Quality of Experience provided. (Tom Peters) Experience Architects – people who focus on creating remarkable customer experiences. They give a sense of just how far multi-sensory designs can take you. And the word “architect” here is used in the broadest sense of … Continue reading

Introduction Learning to Speak Web. A visual approach to web usability (Luke Wroblewski)

Evolution of the Web has 6 stages: 1. The Simple Sharing Era 2. The Image & Table Era 3. The Design Intro Era 4. The Techno-Type Era 5. The Usability Era 6. Speaking Web The Simple Sharing Era:┬áThe World Wide Web was born at the CERN research facility Switzerland. As envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee. The … Continue reading