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Bringing Clarity to the “Fuzzy Front End” (Darrel Rhea) from “Design Research: Methods and Perspectives” (Brenda Laurel)

What’s so Fuzzy? The early stages of product development are routinely described as the “fuzzy front end” of development. This is when businesses go through the process of discovering what to make, deciding whom to make it for, understanding why to make it, and defining the attributes for success. Design Research provides the means to … Continue reading

Research to Fuel the Creative Process (David Canaan) from “Design Research: Methods and Perspectives” (Brenda Laurel)

Creative people share 3 common traits: 1. The ability to make new associations from unrelated elements No one ever “creates” anything; they recognize existing elements. Creating means seeing a relationship between new information and a previous experience and developing a fresh combination. Creativity is available to everyone in an equal dose because everyone has a … Continue reading